• We will strive to become a company that creates a customer-centered,
    Comfortable living environment.

    Since its establishment in 1962, KUKBO SCIENCE Co., Ltd. has been dedicating over half a century to research and development of sanitary pest and rodent control chemicals that damage humans.

    KUKBO SCIENCE Co., Ltd, the first pest control products manufacturer in Korea with a history of half a century!!

    As a specialized company in the field of pesticides and rodenticides for the prevention of infectious diseases, we are constantly striving for continuous research and manufacturing efforts.

    Amid the rapidly changing environmental changes due to the pandemic (worldwide infectious disease outbreak), KUKBO SCIENCE Co., Ltd. has been researching and developing various pest control and virus blocking products, and holds numerous patents and utility models.

    We have received an award from the Ministry of Environment for our excellent environmental conservation efforts, and have gone beyond ISO9001 to obtain ISO22716 certification. We strive to incorporate CGMP manufacturing technology and facilities, which are the first of their kind in the industry for pesticides that are classified as non-pharmaceuticals, in order to grow our business. In particular, we have achieved a great accomplishment by using a solvent that is recognized by the USA EWG as safe, instead of NMP, a hazardous substance commonly used in pesticides, after years of research. Our efforts aim to maximize the safety of our users.

    From past focusing on pesticides to now expanding the business to household hygiene products and animal medicine,
    we will continue to create a better tomorrow as an innovative company in the field of "life sanitation".

    Thank you.

    CEO Ahn Ho-Young

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