Research Activities

  • R&D trends

    R&D is being conducted in the fields of pesticides, repellents, and rodenticides, as well as in the field of public health and hygiene.

    In the field of pesticide, rodenticide and repellent, it is divided into outdoor and household product development. For outdoor products, new product research is being conducted to enhance efficacy and persistence. For household products, the focus is on developing a formulation design that maximizes safety and user convenience by reducing toxicity while maintaining excellent disinfecting efficacy.

    We are dedicated to developing new products based on LOHAS certification and green-rated ingredients/natural materials listed by EWG, in order to create healthier and safer products. Our commitment to protecting health and the environment drives our research and development, including changes to our products, ensuring that consumers can use them with peace of mind at least in terms of their ingredients.

    In the field of health and hygiene, we conduct research from the perspective of functional products based on natural materials, divided into oral hygiene products (toothpaste, mouthwash), disinfectants, and antibacterial and deodorizing products, and are launching products accordingly.

  • Technology level and status

    Kukbo Science Co., Ltd. has been conducting continuous research and development in the field of pesticides, rodenticide, and repellents since its establishment in 1962, and is striving to expand its quality and technology to health and hygiene products.

    In the field of pesticides, we have secured micro-encapsulation technology with sustained fast-acting and water-float technology that enables effective diffusion of pesticides. In the field of rodenticides, our technology is recognized for its world-class quality. Our rodenticide is a second-generation rodenticide in the anti-blood coagulant class. It works effectively on mice that have developed resistance, and safe post-processing is guaranteed with the effect that mice come out to bright places and die. In addition, in the field of repellent, it is a main ingredient with almost no toxicity, and a clear repellent effect is guaranteed, and LOHAS certification has been obtained.

    In the field of health and hygiene, "formulation technology based on natural oriental herbal ingredients" is applied to toothpaste, and it is highly recognized as a functional product that improves not only cleanliness and beauty, but also gum disease and sensitivity, and prevents periodontal disease.

    The total number of patents secured by our company are 8, and are as follows.

    NO Category Registration Number Main Content
    1 Patent certificate Patent No. 10-0327553 Method for producing 4-hydroxycoumarin
    2 Patent certificate Patent No. 10-0327554 Anti-blood-coagulant rodenticide
    3 Patent certificate Patent No. 10-0387422 Water-soluble liquid electronic mosquito repellent
    4 Patent certificate Patent No. 10-0638399 Method for producing a 4-hydroxycoumarin analogue.
    5 Patent certificate Patent No. 10-1596350 Urethane-urea complex microencapsulated pesticide
    6 Patent certificate Patent No. 10-1772693 Gel-like Composition for cockroaches control
    7 Patent certificate Patent No. 10-1919895 Composition for pest control containing citral
    8 Patent certificate Patent No. 10-2032275 Active ingredients using a multi-component polymer system
    Nanoscale encapsulation formulation of compounds
    9 Patent certificate Patent No. 2022-0115636 A method of preparing a formulated insecticidal composition containing cypermethrin isomers as an active ingredient and its manufacturing method.
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